August 30th 2020

Pain in life is avoidable, yet suffering can be avoided through choosing to trust. We suffer when we are unable to accept that all we have experienced was for our highest good, and on souls level, what we chose to experience here – even while some of those experiences included deep trauma or downright, from one perspective, evil.

This is why ending the cycle of suffering is seen as enlightenment and all beings that are truly resting in a state of enlightenment live with pure hearts regardless of external surrounding. It is not because they are devoid of compassion or empathy, on the contrary the knowing of the illusion of separation is what allows for the greatest unity ~ to see beyond all labels, all terms.

When we are at peace with ourselves, we are at peace with all. The truth of multi dimensionality allows us one to be both in a state of peace and yet simultaneously emote & experience life in many different formations, precisely due to the allowance of trust and surrender ~ that because we are on a journey we will be led to many different places both physical and inside ourselves.

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