Akashic Record Reader, Author, Healing Artist Designer, Photographer, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker & Entertainer

The Goddess Behind the Brand

Violet is an extraordinary being with a wide variety of gifts & offerings to serve the collective.

For Violet her work is her play and much of her free time is spent communing in the Records, creating art, and writing. A self proclaimed philosopher and a widely known book hoarder – Violet also loves being active outdoors, learning, improvisational cooking, dancing, entertaining others, design, fashion styling, and photography. You will always find her cat Mischief nearby.

Violet immerses herself in many creative hobbies because it brings her great joy and helps her ground her boundless energy. She loves collaborating with fellow artists & designers on innovative projects, typically those that combine elements of art with healing or serve a functional purpose.

Make sure to check out the tabs at the top to see her full range of consciousness ~ if you are an artist looking to collaborate or have questions about services, do send an email