Violet created her brand, V is for Violet, as an umbrella to house her various creative pursuits and holistic endeavors. V is for Violet is a reference to V for Vendetta, one of her favorite films, as well as an ode to the crown chakra associated with creativity and intuition, as well as the healing violet flame which she has used along with breathwork to repair her physical body.

Violet has been a multifaceted artist and compassionate being from a young age, an old soul always looking deeper into society and shedding light on the suffering of the world. Being aware and deeply feeling in a world where so much pain is present, isn’t easy. Violet found that creating artwork, writing, learning about and practicing holistic health, as well as living a spiritual life helped her deal with the daily weight of living.

Diagnosed incorrectly rapid cycling bipolar disorder at 16, followed by ADD, Violet spent 7 years in pharmaceutical hell – on various medicine cocktails, in and out of psych wards, fighting alcohol addiction along with misdiagnosed childhood trauma. After 6 suicide attempts, the last one ending in her saving her own life, Violet vowed to find a way to free her spirit without the use of western medicine. She quit her three prescribed medications cold turkey against doctors orders and moved across the united states where she knew no one, to start her life over.

Since then, Violet has spent the past 5 years exploring mysticism, psychology, and philosophy. Through spending much time in isolation and curious experimentation, shes gained a fairly thorough awareness of several self healing modalities: meditation, shadow integration, mental reprogramming through shamanic mushroom journeying, “past” life integrations and vision quests, crystal healing, reiki & light language, and breathwork and enjoys teaching them to others. This knowledge she has channeled into one of her businesses Holi Healer which evolved from her youtube channel – where she is a spiritual advisor, breathwork coach and psychic medium.

Violet’s art endeavors are channeled through her art business Light Bodied Art, where she creates digital energy mandalas, visionary work & psychedelic patterns which are available as prints & products in her online shop

Violet also does a daily blog under the alias Wistful Romance which is comprised of her photography and writing.

Links to each of these can be found at the top of the page.

Outside of these projects Violet has quite a range of experience: published poet, writer of several coaching programs, event coordinator and art curator, art exhibition host, youtube vlogger and public speaker/teacher,, certified kundalini reiki master, leading & moderating groups, content development, and marketing plan development

Violet loves trying new creative ventures and collaborations. She is always seeking other creatives and like minded artist and healers to innovate with. Please reach out if inspired through the contact page or email.

Blessings & Gratitude

What People Say

“I recently came into acquisition of two really awesome art pieces created by Lightbodiedart / Violet Roig

The first one is called the dancer. I love the way it portrays motion, or rather the potential energy inside all of us. Dancing has been a very positive outlet for me.

The second is called “actors with many faces”. There was an innate and immediate reaction when I first saw this piece. It instilled an emotional response that showed me how we are all so fluid and trying to take form of whatever suits us best in the moment. This painting is a reminder that “I am all that I am” and can find comfort in that. “- Kota O

Please continue with you work and YOUR business and your passion! Thank you for the videos !! I enjoy and love ‘em and YOU!!

– Mara

“I love what you have on your page. Thanks for being a voice of inspiration. “

– Trevor D

” I wanted to thank you for all of you insight. Wow. I read a lot of your posts and they give me SO much inspiration and guidance towards better self care “

– River H.

So I just watched one of your videos for the first time. Dear God you are amazing! I love your voice and personality!

– Joe C.

“Love your posts. You’ve got it! The message, the truths, the will to help others. I had a random awakening experience in November 2016 and it completely changed me, like a rebirth, an ego death, and an awareness of all of the fundamental truths about love, harmony, vibration, oneness, and purpose, and I completely agree with all of your posts. Just wanted to say hi, and keep it up”

– James K

“Thank you for holding such a sacred space with such pure heart and intention. You are a pure gift my sweet sister, filled with such warmth”

– Aasha K

“Let’s just say you’re a reflection in the right direction. Thanks for being.”

– Kean

Awesome abounds!

Great reading to assist me on my journey!

Scott A.

“You are a hero”

-Claudia M

“Omg your heart is so open. You are so real, so genuine. It is inspiring and refreshing. And…I LOVE the videos, I smile every time I watch them!”

– Brian M

“You are brilliant. Powerful.”

– Tyler S

“You are an amazing luminous being, and I respect and admire and like you so much in so many ways. Keep being you. Keep evolving. Keep being a gift to the universe. Love you!”

– Tony D.

“I am very grateful for all your reminders! there are so many wonderful things about you. So many gifts you give. You will always be in my heart.”

– Orion

“Your vulnerability and straight up-ness about what you’re going through inspired the ** outta me – you’re so appreciated! Your posts hit me right to the core…and I relate on a deep level. Even tho I know people everywhere, I need and want more friends like you. ”

– Craig I.
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