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Absolutely amazing, I had the pleasure of working with vi guiding me through akashic records highly recommended. her voice is so soothing and instantly allows you to feel safe on your journey which is a very important thing for myself. The way in which she connected with myself and guides spirit guides still has blown me away visually seeing the same things as she was describing, and in the most positive way has greatly pushed me forward in my ascenscion.. forever grateful.

“I recently came into acquisition of two really awesome art pieces created by Lightbodiedart / Violet Roig. The first one is called the dancer. I love the way it portrays motion, or rather the potential energy inside all of us. Dancing has been a very positive outlet for me.

The second is called “actors with many faces”. There was an innate and immediate reaction when I first saw this piece. It instilled an emotional response that showed me how we are all so fluid and trying to take form of whatever suits us best in the moment. This painting is a reminder that “I am all that I am” and can find comfort in that. “

– Kota

Please continue with you work and YOUR business and your passion! Thank you for the videos !! I enjoy and love ‘em and YOU!!

– Mara

” I wanted to thank you for all of you insight. Wow. I read a lot of your posts and they give me SO much inspiration and guidance towards better self care “

– River

“You are an amazing luminous being, and I respect and admire and like you so much in so many ways. Keep being you. Keep evolving. Keep being a gift to the universe. Love you!”

– Tony

“Thank you for holding such a sacred space with such pure heart and intention. You are a pure gift my sweet sister, filled with such warmth”

– Aasha

“Omg your heart is so open. You are so real, so genuine. It is inspiring and refreshing. And…I LOVE the videos, I smile every time I watch them!”

– Brian

“Your vulnerability and straight up-ness about what you’re going through inspired the ** outta me – you’re so appreciated! Your posts hit me right to the core…and I relate on a deep level. Even tho I know people everywhere, I need and want more friends like you. ”

– Craig

“I am very grateful for all your reminders! there are so many wonderful things about you. So many gifts you give. You will always be in my heart.”

– Orion
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