August 30th 2020

Pain in life is avoidable, yet suffering can be avoided through choosing to trust. We suffer when we are unable to accept that all we have experienced was for our highest good, and on souls level, what we chose to experience here – even while some of those experiences included deep trauma or downright, fromContinue reading “August 30th 2020”

July 21 2020

Chaos manifests itself in the strangest waysA trickster with a lesson if one listens intentlyOne makes its presence known by explanationThe voice of knowing is still and silent Convincing and proving are the voices of wicked endsOne needs not listen to rationalizationsThey parade in many voicesChanging costume and clothingThe quiet one knows the waySitting withContinue reading “July 21 2020”

July 17 2020

Finding the commonalities between us seemed to work best. We spent so much time in this life observing and speaking upon differences. That in itself was not problematic, differences are indeed to be celebrated as each serves a unique purpose. When differences were used to fuel division, this is when the problems began to arise.Continue reading “July 17 2020”

July 7 2020

Time stretched out like chewing gum or galloped forward within a blink. Crumpled post it notes littered the floor around me as I oscillated between moments of genius and depletion of mental energy. I found the humidity unbearable and had begun pacing as a new method of distraction from the air conditioner that was tryingContinue reading “July 7 2020”

July 5 2020

As I grew older I found myself surprising myself more often. What I used to care about ceased to have the same emotional pull. I found my focus and vision shifting. Discipline and patience were easier to cultivate. I was pleased by these changes, enjoying the seasoning of life’s wisdom. Looking back and reflecting uponContinue reading “July 5 2020”