Spiritual Crisis Counseling

$88 ~ 60 minutes

Often times in life when we are in crisis we see it on a physical emotional or mental level and ignore the spiritual. Many of us are not aware of the ancient knowledge and truth that people like myself (oracles) are attuned to. What if your crisis is actually of a spiritual nature? What if you are setting yourself up for failure with unresolved karma and limiting past life belief programs? I connect with your higher self and my guides to see the unseen affecting you and your close relationships

Mediumship Card Reading

$22 ~ 30 min

Looking for guidance or clarity? wondering about the energy of a situation? Curious what is in your current energy field?While it is true healing comes from within, it is also true that sometimes others have keys that open doors for us. This is because our ego blinds us to our souls truth, and sometimes, we are so blinded by what we want that we cannot see what is truly best meaning our highest good.
Intuitive Reading and card pull, you set the intention (without telling me)

1 : 1 Breathwork Coaching

$44 ~ 30 minutes

Utilizing self taught and divined techniques, each intuitively guided session focuses on your needs. Expected results: clarity, feeling lighter, less body pain and tension, emotional clearing & release, relaxation & stress relief. Each Session is recorded over Zoom. After the session you will receive a copy via email for you to keep.

Personalized Digital Energy Mandala

$33 ~ per coded piece

Whatever it is you are looking for, the energy and intention will be infused within this energetic code. Meditate with and use as a screen saver for most profound results. Each mandala is unique to the individual and remains private to protect the code (unless shared for marketing purposes with permission from client)


“Thank you for wonderful energy work, readings, and shifting my path in the right direction.”

Tamara S

“Violet is an amazing guide! Always intuitively knows exactly what I’m dealing with, when I’m dealing with it and is truly able to help put me into a state of ease! Very grateful!”

Ashley H

“Violet is amazing. She helped me see what I was holding onto, that was holding me back, which happened to be my true nature. Her clarity was direct, and she helped me see what I was unaware of in myself in that moment. She is truly a unique and powerful healer, and I am so appreciative of her!”

Brian M

“Violet seems to always know what I need without me even realizing it. I appreciate her connectedness and intentional being. I trust her to tell it to me straight because I know she is coming from a place of love I feel safe to share my innermost thoughts. Thank you for holding space and providing quality guidance!”

Lauren M

“Participated in deep breathing session – very good for stress reduction and general health wellness. Great energy/presence”

Tony R

“The holi healer has been a cornerstone light of guidance for m as I have been navigating the most challenging year of my life. Their level of authenticity, resonating themes and joy is out of this world”


Let me serve you.

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