Akashic Records Reading


Your Akashic Record holds all incarnations and experiences that you have ever experienced: both human and non. One may set an intention for this reading or have questions in mind they wish to be answered, though I do recommend to most clients that they allow whatever is in their highest good to come forth as to not limit themselves as usually everything you are wondering about and more comes through.

These journeys include anything and everything : experiencing past lives, reviewing soul contracts and understanding karma within relationships, clearing out old patterns that keep you looping in the same cycles, reuniting with loved ones that have crossed over, meeting your guides &

angelic team, removal of seals spells curses binds and technological implants that create energetic distortions, inner child healing, receiving light language

transmissions, DNA upgrades, gift activations, health & spiritual advice, business suggestions, and more!

Readings are 1 hour, recorded over Zoom and saved in a private Google Drive folder sent to you for lifetime access.