Akashic Soul Contract Clearing

This is a timeless tool meaning you can (and should!) use it over and over again.
This is a guided journey we take into your Akashic Records for you to release, transmute, clear or rewrite (if desired) contracts you have made.
Soul contracts are made pre incarnation meaning before we as souls come into the human body we agree to play certain parts and roles with people, and us with them.
This includes family, friendships, lovers, pets, business relationships – really any dynamic you can think of is involving a soul contract.
We also make soul contracts (agreements) with our own self.
These contracts are always made for us to learn something as well as assist another so its a mutual learning and assisting process.
When we do not understand or know how to let go of these contracts we can hold on longer than is in our best interest due to attachment, fear of loss, and other parts of our human programming (which actually may or may not also have to do with the soul contract!)
This process assists in you organically releasing everything and everyone that is no longer aligned on your journey. Please note that when a soul contract is completed, it does not mean the death or loss of the person, dynamic, or situation. Often times the ending of a soul contract will actually allow the relationship or dynamic to transform into something even higher and we see our fears are unfounded.

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