Self Sabotage Class & Light Code


Self Sabotage is something all humans go through, and when unresolved ruins your life by keeping you stuck in self imposed limitations and repeated negative emotional loops. This 2 hr Recorded Live Group Masterclass discusses all the ways self sabotage shows up in your life, where it stems from, and how to resolve it. Also included, body commands (empowering statements to release from the body) and light language (tonal healing through song, removing energetic layers and hooks related to self sabotage. In addition, a light code to work on the energetic bodies specifically intended to clear self sabotage. Recommended use: computer and phone background, meditate on piece by relaxing eyes – allow messages to come forward and energy to move.

Make sure you download both files, the art & video – available in the links after payment

Please note both art and content is legally copyrighted and distribution publically or privately of any amount of content in any format is punishable by law.