ANGEL AURA Hooded Sherpa Fleece Blanket

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Welcome to the future where what you wear is ALIVE! ~ Light Bodied Art Creations

The name Light Bodied Art comes from the knowing that my creations activate the light body, and return the human to source knowing and reconnection. The codes carry medicine & information to activate, expand, reawaken & shift you.

What is your light body? Also known as the merkabah, your lightbody is composed of your mental body, etheric body, Astral body, and emotional body.

An activated light body is a huemans (our physical vessel experience where we experience a full range of hues ~ energies, colors, frequencies, moods) higher functioning state, and activation of this body is part of the ascension process.

My artwork is both healing and therapeutic as it provokes soul remembrance of our hOMe, where we all come from, where we remember our connectedness to all life.

I am a visionary and this is medicine of the ancient future


Feel warmth inside & out with the vibrant healing energy emitting from this cozy hooded blanket! The purple column in back aligns with the spine, bringing the healing violet ray up the spine through the crown chakra, surrounded by the Blue Ray activation. This clothing is sure to get you noticed and make you stand out at any event or festival, perfect for a cuddle puddle! When wrapped around, the angel wings hug your body in a protective layer of heart chakra energies represented by pink & green