Feeling Gods love


My Light Language Transmissions are Intentionally Created Healing Music Sourced from Pure God Consciousness With Unconditional Love, Purity, Power, & Truth to All Being

This Light Language Transmission specifically works in transmitting Gods love for you.
This is an EXTREMELY powerful transmission and the full effects are felt only if you really allow yourself to feel it.
We are so afraid of actually feeling and being loved even though its what we crave most.
The intensity of this may result in you wanting to not open to allow it in, as it felt for me listening to this – and once I surrendered to it I immediately felt a huge release and started crying, it was more love than I had ever felt in my life.
I encourage you to challenge your uncomfortability and fear, and really let yourself receive this gift.

Please note this is a downloadable MP3 File which becomes available for download after purchase.