Akashic Record Reading

Your Akashic Record is your personal library of your soul -holding all lifetimes, memories, experiences, karma, relationship contracts, and more.
This work involves
me accessing and channeling information straight from your
records, answering any and all questions you may have and providing healing through knowledge. One may set an intention for this journey though I
do recommend to most clients that they allow whatever
is in their highest good to come forth as to not limit themselves. There is an opportunity to ask questions at the end, most clients find most if not all of their questions were answered without them even being verbalized.

These journeys can include anything and everything :

– experiencing past lives and understanding how they affect you now

– clarity on resolving karma in relationships and understanding soul contracts

– health /wellness diet & advice

– business guidance 

– bringing forward messages from that have crossed over

– removal of seals spells curses binds and technological implants
that create blocks in receiving abundance and living in your highest potential

– inner child healing 

-receiving light language
transmissions & DNA upgrades that activate dormant strands (most do not have all DNA strands activated yet and are operating within a fraction of their potential)

– soul gift retrievals and more!

Readings are 1 hour, recorded over Zoom and saved in a private Google
Drive folder sent to you for lifetime access.

Buy a gift card for a unique memorable gift with an impression that will last a lifetime!

Gift cards available from $100 to full value of reading ($400 + service fee)

When ready to use a gift card, reach out to redeem & schedule ~